Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Keyboard Shortcuts (Part II)

Continuing from my previous post on Keyboard Shortcuts:

Windows Desktop/Explorer Window:

F1 > Open Windows Help (Or active application help if you aren't on the desktop or in windows explorer)
F2 > When you have a file selected F2 will take you into Rename mode
F3 or WinKey + F > Open the find file or folder applet
F5 > Refresh Window
WinKey + M > Minimize All Windows
WinKey + shift + M > Restore All Minimized Windows
WinKey + D > Show Desktop
WinKey + L > Lock Windows (Not available before WinXP)
WinKey + E > Launch Windows Explorer
WinKey + B > Set Focus to the TaskBar (dunno why you'd want to do this)
WinKey + ctrl + F > Open the find computer applet
shift + delete > Permanently remove a file (same as delete followed by empty trash)
alt + tab > Cycles through your program list
alt + shift + tab > Cycles backwards through your program list
alt + space > Activate the window control menu (same as right clicking the icon in the top left of a window)
alt + F4 > Close Window (Same as clicking the X in the top right of the window)
alt + shift + F4 or shift + click close > Close the window and all parent windows
KeyPad + > In Windows Explorer, expand the next level of contents for the selected folder or drive
KeyPad * > In Windows Explorer, completely expand the selected folder or drive
KeyPad - > In Windows Explorer, collapse the selected folder or drive

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